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Weaving Books

A Weaver's Garden - $26.00
Rita Buchanan. Valuable hints from a veteran botanist and weaver on dyeing fibers and fabrics, what soap plants to use for cleaning textiles, advice on fragrant plants to scent and protect fabrics, plant materials to use as tools, suggestions for planning and creating a garden featuring cotton, flax, indigo, and much more. Includes an abundance of illustrations. 240pp. Pb.

The Ashford Book of Projects For the Eight Shaft Loom - $13.00
Elsa Krogh. This book contains a variety of techniques from twill variations in the Scandinavian tradition to multi shaft summer-&-winter and modern backed weaves. The new owner of an eight shaft loom and the experienced weaver will both find inspiration and challenges in this collection of place-mats, towels, shawls, wall hangings and suit material. 40pp. Pb.

The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving - $26.00
Rowena Hart. The revised edition of this book includes new techniques such as brooks bouquet, huck weaving, bronson lace and weaving with the second heddle kit. The author, an international weaving teacher, shows you how to create exciting, beautiful garments and crafts - all on the simple two harness loom. You are guided step-by-step through the many techniques, using color and texture. This loom is simple to use, light and compact. It will produce fabrics and tapestries to delight you - whether you are a novice or experienced weaver. 100pp. Pb.

The Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns From Four to Eight Shafts - $30.00
Elsa Krogh. Danish weaver, spinner and author, Elsa Krogh has brought together her favourite weaving patterns using four, six and eight shafts. Elsa has woven beautiful and exciting shawls, scarves, cushions, towels, table runners, placemats and fabric material, She uses a variety of techniques from twill to summer and winter and modern backed weaves and there are projects for all levels of weaving experience. Many of the patterns are sourced from archival material from local museums. Elsa brings a wonderful sense of continuity to her craft as well as elegant Scandinavian style. 92pp. Pb.

Ashford Booklet: Learn to Weave on the Knitters Loom - $6.00
Ashford Learn to Weave & Spin booklets are easy to follow, providing full colour step-by-step instructions.

Ashford Booklet: Learn to Weave on the Rigid Heddle Loom - $6.00
Ashford Learn to Weave & Spin booklets are easy to follow, providing full colour step-by-step instructions.

Ashford Booklet: Learn to Weave on the Table Loom - $6.00
With full, step-by-step instructions and colour photographs our latest addition to the “Learn to” series will show you how to quickly and easily prepare a warp, dress and thread your loom. These booklets are easy to follow, providing full colour step-by-step instructions.

Clothing From the Hands That Weave - $70.00
Anita Luvera Mayer. This is a remarkable book that traces the history of weaving and fashion from the beginning of time through the modern era. Part memoir, part weaving instruction, part historical textbook, it will educate and inspire you. Detailed descriptions and analyses of ancient clothing styles and construction techniques are combined with wildly creative and exciting ideas for updating and adapting them. From simple loom-shaped rectangles to a stunning, entirely hand-woven wardrobe, this book has got it all. Filled to the brim with notes, tips, patterns, and more, Clothing from the Hands that Weave is truly one-of-a-kind among weaving books. 170pp. Pb.

Fashions From the Loom - $57.00
Betty J Beard. This book has good ideas for working with handwoven fabric and sewing techniques. The patterns are boxy and rectangular in style. Easy to work with and make garments from, and little cutting. Brings you traditional loom-shaped and ethnic designs as well as some of the author's own originals. Weave a sherpa coat, a bog shirt or more than 40 other projects. 96pp. Sb.

The Handweaver's Pattern Directory - $62.00
Anne Dixon. Over 600 weaves for 4-shaft looms. A comprehensive introduction to the tools, equipment, fibers, and yarns used with four-shaft looms, this reference features patterns for 600 different weaves, including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, and block. Color photographs and large-scale drawings allow weavers to closely examine the details, and the compact size and lay-flat binding is convenient for keeping near the loom. A handbook that is essential for all four-shaft weavers, this manual includes weaving basics, specialized projects organized by degree of difficulty, finishing techniques, resources, and a glossary of terms. 256pp. Sb.

Learn To Weave With Anne Field: A Project-Based Approach to Weaving Basics - $55.00
Anne Field. Internationally acclaimed master-weaver Anne Field has been teaching and demonstrating basic and advanced weaving techniques for over 25 years. While most beginner books describe the different weaving techniques and then give examples of how they can be used, Anne has found that people learn best when they can start making things right away. So her latest book takes a project-based approach, where beginners learn the techniques through actually doing a weaving project. Each project is described in detail, with photographs showing the finished work, as well as the various steps in getting there. The book focuses on shaft looms only, with most projects woven on four-shaft looms and one or two eight-shaft projects. Table looms are also covered. Chapters one and two look at choosing your loom and how to set it up and then it is straight into the projects, which include table runners, table mats, wraps, scarfs, creating fabric for a vest and jacket, cushions, wall hangings and rugs. As well as the more traditional yarns of wool and cotton, Anne also uses the latest yarns, such as Tencel and bamboo, and discusses the use of computers in weaving. 208pp. Pb.

Next Steps in Weaving: What You Never Knew You Needed To Know - $42.00
Pattie Graver. There is a lot to learn about weaving! As a new weaver, you might wonder what the next steps are to grow your skills. Here are the answers you're looking for. In this beautiful book by Pattie Graver, former Managing Editor of Handwoven magazine, you'll be explore a variety of weave structures and concepts in depth and detail including twill, color-and-weave, overshot, summer and winter, lace, and doubleweave. This is not just a book of weaving patterns. Each topic is explained and supplemented with instructions for weaving a sampler and a project in order to solidify the concepts and enable you to design your own projects. In addition, the book offers troubleshooting tips in order to expand your weaving expertise. Whether you're new to weaving, have the basics down, or are looking to improve your foundation skills, this book will be an asset to your weaving library. 184pp. Pb.

Pattern Weaves on the Lacis Square Loom Booklet - $10.00
A collection of patterns and textured weaves which can be made with a Pin Loom/Weavette/Zoom Loom/etc. An edited version of the "Weave-It Weaves Booklet". 20pp. Pb.

Pin Loom Weaving: 40 Projects for Tiny Looms - $48.00
Margaret Stamp. Tiny palm-sized pin looms are making a comeback. Here is the perfect book to get started with this intriguing weaving technique. 40 projects for tiny hand looms. As portable as knitting – portable hand looms can easily fit into a pocketbook. Tips and techniques for creating blankets, bags and 3-D creations. Includes directions on how to build your own hand loom. 128pp. Pb.

Pin Loom Weaving To Go - $36.00
Margaret Stump. Step-by-step instructions for 25 projects you'll be amazed were made from pin loom weavings! These palm-sized weaving looms go anywhere and make just about anything you can imagine, from fashionable wrist cuffs to full-sized blankets. Just drop a pin loom in your project bag with a ball of yarn and you are on your way to fast, fun weaving. Margaret Stump, author of the original Pin Loom Weaving, has outdone herself with the 25 designs in this new book. There are elegant wraps, a fun fox bag, an American flag blanket, pillows, pins, stylish scarves, and more. With beginning weavers in mind, Margaret first walks you through how to weave on a 2" and 4" loom. Once you know how to make a basic square and connect your pieces, you are well on your way to making any of the projects in this book. The book divides projects into those that use a 2," 4," adjustable fine-gauge, and even a pot holder loom, and those that combine pieces from different looms, so it is easy to find a project and get started. Pin looms are readily available in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose a favorite pattern and a suitable pin loom, and start weaving anywhere and everywhere today! - All the basics of pin loom weaving and more than 30 beginning and medium level projects you can make on the go - Simple weaving techniques for portable looms - Instructions for making your own simple 2" loom - Projects for standard 2" and 4" looms, as well as weaving on potholder looms and knitting looms. 120pp. Pb.

Simple Woven Garments - $39.00
Sara Goldenberg & Jane Patrick. Fun and wearable weaving patterns! This is both a pattern book and an idea book for creating simple woven shapes and turning them into everyday, highly wearable fashions. Readers will enjoy classic woven styles and nods to today's style trends in a collection of 20 woven garments (and 4 variations) for the weaver. This guide will help weavers create fabric that works for the intended garment, is easy to weave, and is above all beautiful. Authors Sara Goldenberg and Jane Patrick explore techniques such as yarn usage, spaced warps, felting, pick-up weaving patterns, finger-control weaving techniques, and embellishments. Weavers will enjoy creating garments including wraps and tops, ranging from easy shawls with a twist to woven sweaters. Woven squares, rectangles, and strips are assembled into easy-sew garments with minimal finishing. 152pp. Pb.

Tapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study Guide - $64.00
Nancy Harvey. A step-by-step sampler is laid out with tapestry techniques carefully sketched and described. Going on to more advanced techniques, is a series of patterns with suggestions and guidance to help you through the weaving of each design. There is a showcase of tapestries by experienced weavers. Illustrated in black & white and colour. 208pp, Pb.

Twill And Tabby Weaving On The Warp-Weighted Loom - $69.00
Antoinette Merete Olsen. This book tells you all you need to know about how to weave twill and tabby weaves on the warp-weighted loo. You will also learn about the Tegle find, the Lendbreen tunic, and how the Sami people wove their Grene rugs. 142pp. Hb.

The Weaver's Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom - $55.00
Jane Patrick. Weaving on the rigid-heddle loom is enjoying a resurgence, and weavers are in need of a book to continue on from basic rigid-heddle techniques. The Weaver's Idea Book presents a wide variety of patterns for the simple rigid-heddle loom, accompanied by harness drafts for multishaft looms. The techniques include leno, Brooks bouquet, soumak, doubleweave and embroidery on fabric. Each chapter contains weaving patterns along with swatches illustrating the techniques, accompanied by step-by-step photography. 239pp. Sb.

The Weaver's Workbook: A Concise Weaving Course Based on a Creative Understanding of the Principles and Practices of the Craft (2nd Hand) - $25.00
Hilary Chetwynd. The author's clear and practical approach, presented with a wealth of full-color diagrams, drafts, and photographs, promises to bring the enjoyment of creative weaving to a wide circle of enthusiasts, from beginner to experienced weaver. The book provides comprehensive advice on a variety of topics, including: Choosing a loom and weaving accessories; Designing and making the warp; Threading the shafts and reed; Preparing the loom; Drafting and weaving patterns; The weaving process; Solving problems; Finishing woolen fabrics; and more. This comprehensive guide gives readers a creative approach to weaving, based on a sound and lively understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of the craft. 96pp. Hb.

Weaving You Can Wear - $30.00
Jean Wilson. This book is about how to weave and use handwoven cloth to make a coptic tunic, mexican huipil, himalayan sherpa coat, african shirt, south american poncho, huichol indian pocketbelt and many more items. 128pp. Pb.

The Woven Bag: 30+ Projects from Small Looms - $22.00
Noreen Crone-Findlay. This book features bags in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from the petite Beaded Amulet Pouch to the voluminous carryall, The Grand Duchess. Each bag is created using small looms, such as potholder looms, frame looms and knotted mesh looms. Even if you've never woven before, the tips, tips and techniques in this book will quickly have you weaving squares, triangles and rectangles that can then be assembled into wonderful one-of-a-kind projects. 128pp. Pb.

Woven To Wear: 17 Thoughtful Designs - $25.00
Marilyn Murphy. Handwoven wearables are hot! More than just patterns - discover 17 designs and plenty of ideas for unique fabric and garments you'll want to wear again and again. Author Marilyn Murphy and several contributors at the forefront of handwoven wearables offer guidance for weaving scarves, wraps, shawls, capelets, and other garments, along with advice for finishing, cutting and sewing the fabric, adding edgings and closures, and combining woven fabrics with other techniques such as knitting and patchwork. The Woven to Wear designs are influenced by a global melting pot of traditional folkloric costume and ethnic fabric mixes in which silhouettes are roomy, layered, and flowing, and the cloth takes center stage. 144pp. Pb.

Tablet and Inkle Weaving

A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Book - $65.00
Mullarkey, Holtzer, Hoffman, Treumann & White. This is a book containing a collection of threaded-in tablet weaving patterns. This is not a How-To book. On each page is a draft, and a graphic of how the band will look when woven. All of the drafts have one or more graphics of variations that can also be woven by changing the turning sequence or threading of the cards. The book begins with patterns with just a few cards and continues to patterns with more than 50 cards. The book includes more than 200 patterns to explore and weave with some full page photos of actual woven bands. 87pp. Pb.

Anna Neuper's Modelbuch: Early Sixteenth-Century Patterns for Weaving Brocaded Bands - $31.00
Nancy Spies. Transcription into modern charts of forty-five patterns for gold brocaded tabletwoven bands. Written by Anna Neuper, a seventy year old nun in the St Clare Convent in Nurnburg, Germany, in 1517AD. 56pp. Pb.

Applesies and Fox Noses - Finnish Tabletwoven Bands - $60.00
Maikki Karisto & Mervi Pasanen. Tablet weaving is an ancient craft. Archaeological finds reveal us it was widely practiced also in Iron Age Finland. This book will teach you how to tablet weave bands using the techniques typical of the era: reversing twining direction on a diagonal, aka Finnish diagonals, and the tubular selvage and half turns – two specialities only known in Finland. The book contains instructions and pattern diagrams for 30 different bands with ancient, universal motifs, used all over the world from the dawn of times. Some of the patterns are based on grave finds; some are designed inspired by the motifs and imagery of the Iron Age. The two authors are enthusiastic tablet weavers who joined their passion and joy of weaving into making this book. Maikki Karisto is a versatile craftswoman who has previously published the first seminal work on tablet weaving in Finland. Mervi Pasanen is a journalist who has studied old crafts inspired by her interest in the Middle Ages. 96pp. Pb.

Ashford Booklet: Learn to Weave on the Inkle Loom - $6.00
Ashford Learn to Weave & Spin booklets are easy to follow, providing full colour step-by-step instructions.

Great SCOT! A Beginner's Guide to Ply Split Braids in Single Course Oblique Twining Booklet - $15.00
Linda Hendrickson. SCOT is a technique in which one cord is pulled through many to create textured and colored ridges as well as angles and curves. This booklet begins with instructions for making the tightly-twisted 4-ply cords needed for ply-split braiding. Includes procedures for making cords with a drill and a single hook, and with 4-hook twisters, and has suggestions for decorative cords. Step-by-step directions for making a variety of shaped braids and star ornaments. 28pp. Pb.

Please Weave A Message - $75.00
Linda Hendrickson. Instructions and graphs for Tablet-Woven Calligraphy using the double-faced weave for letters based on 6 Roman alphabets. 144pp. Sb.

Techniques of Tablet Weaving - $69.00
Peter Collingswood. This magnificent book is available again, re-typeset and rearranged. No other English writer has been able to so clearly and thoroughly explore a difficult technique. With photos of historic pieces, many diagrams, and clear text, the author delves deeply into areas such as double-face twill patterning, plain/twined weaves, brocades and patterned velvet. Many b & w photos and illustrations. 320pp. Pb.

Two-Hole Andean Pebble Weave - $15.00
Linda Hendrickson. Andean card weaving using only 2 holes. Traditional designs, several graphed words, and an alphabet. 28pp. Pb.

The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory - $53.00
Anne Dixon. Inkle weaving is a simple technique that offers ample opportunity for experimentation by beginners and experienced weaver’s. This book provides 400 patterns and includes: an overview of inkle weaving’s history and traditions; instructions for loom set-up and simple techniques; charts provided throughout the entire guide. Inkles can be used for a variety of projects ranging from belts and braces to trims and neckpieces. They can be stitched together to make bags, mobile-phone purses, cushion-covers, table-mats, and much more. 176pp. SB.

Weaving With Small Appliances Book II - Tablet Weaving - $62.00
Luther Hooper. The art of tablet weaving is pre-historic, and has been practised generally all over the world throughout history. Many kinds of beautiful braids and narrow webs are still woven by this simple method in remote places where the primitive traditional arts and crafts still survive. The authors interest in this subject was further stimulated by seeing a tapestry in the V&A Museum in 1921 of which the central figure, the Virgin Mary, is depicted weaving an elaborate lace on a tablet loom. After much studing of the technique and the capacity of the little appliance the author presents the outcome of the experiments clearly in this books pages. This book was originally published in 1923. 82pp. Pb.